Hide your Botox Treatment

10 Ways to Hide your Botox

Some women don’t want their husbands to know, some men don’t want their friends to know, some executives don’t want their co-workers to know.

We get it.

We’re not advocating being sneaky, or spending money you don’t have, but a lot of people desire to keep their Botox® a secret.

For the right reasons, it’s ok to be discrete.

Here’s how to keep your Botox YOUR secret:

1. Go for the Natural Look. There are broadly 3 types of ‘look’ when it comes to Botox. The natural, still and the frozen look. Go for the natural look because it won’t give you away and it looks more attractive.

Tell your Botox injector you want to retain your facial movement, for example when you laugh or look surprised.

If your Botox looks natural and done well, people won’t notice a change, they will just think you look better.
2. Treat just One Area. Treating just one area of the face will provide correction, but there won’t be enough of a difference for anyone to know you had a treatment.
If you treat one area, go for the frown lines between your eyebrows, also known as the 11’s.
botox glabella lines
3. Plan for Bruising. If you’re prone to bruising easily, or even if you want to just minimize the chances of bruising after Botox, try not to take aspirin or anti-inflammatories 10-12 days prior to treatment. Also avoid alcohol 2-3 days before treatment.
Taking Arnica Montana and eating pineapple before and after the treatment can also help minimize bruising.
4. Regular Maintenance. Get the look you want and keep it. Regular Botox treatments will hold those wrinkles at bay and people will soon forget you ever had any. Following a regular Botox regime can also mean more effective Botox treatments, because treated muscles won’t be fully active yet
5. Don’t do it over your Lunch Break. Even though Botox is sometimes referred to as a ‘lunchtime’ procedure, do it on a Friday evening after work, or on a Saturday.
When you leave your treatment, you may have some redness at the injection sites. This is completely normal and will subside very quickly, although you may not want anyone to see.
6. Plan it around a Vacation. Plan your Botox treatment before a vacation or take some time off work. Or if you stay at home, get your treatment done while your loved one is out of town. When you (or they) return, people will just think you look more rested and relaxed. Any bruising or swelling will have subsided.
7. Pay in Cash. For some people, leaving behind a paper trail is a sure-fire way to give their secret away.
As long as you have the money of course, stock piling cash in between treatments is common practice. Alternatively, pay half in cash and the other half on a card.
For some patients who have money, but for whatever reason really need to hide their injections, it has been known to routinely get cash-back during their weekly supermarket shop. Hence no ATM withdrawals, or unusual credit card transactions.
pay cash
We don’t advocate or oppose these methods, but of course, for some people it really helps them be discrete.
8. Don’t Vocalize your Beauty Secrets. Keep your beauty secrets safe! People are generally becoming less and less vocal when it comes to their beauty secrets; not just with Botox, but with everything. If you look amazing, then maybe it’s good genetics!
9. If Someone Asks. If it comes up in conversation and someone ask you directly, be like JLo and don’t rule anything out. If it’s a firm no, then you might get some backlash later. Tell people you wouldn’t be opposed to a treatment in the future, if you really needed it.
10. Go through the Back Door. Ok this isn’t for the masses, but if you’re in the public eye, see if the practice has a back door you can enter. This may sound over the top, but some people don’t want to walk through a busy reception.
In some cases, high-profile patients text the Receptionist from their car, and ask them to text them back once the Injector has finished with their current patient. That way they can just walk straight into the treatment room. Others come in sunglasses and summer hats… ok, you get the idea.


Fortunately these days, the stigma of Botox injections has worn off, but there’s a multitude of ways of being discrete about your Botox injections if you need to.

By law, aesthetic practices have to respect their patient’s privacy. They have to observe strict HIPAA policies and abide by rules about sharing their patient’s information.
So as long as you don’t shout it from the rooftops, it’s VERY easy to keep your Botox treatments YOUR SECRET!



*Individual results may vary.