Emsculpt Pricing

The price of Emsculpt is based on the following:

  1. The number of areas being treated
  2. The number of treatments needed

For optimal Emsculpt results, we recommended your treatment plan consist of 4 half-hour sessions, conducted twice a week for two weeks.

The cost of each treatment is $750, or $3,000 for all four treatments. This cost is regardless of the area being treated.

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Emsculpt treatment areas can include the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, lower back and calves.

We recommend booking a complimentary consultation to find out if you are a candidate for Emsculpt.

During your consultation we will give you an exact price for your treatments, including any Limited Time Emsculpt Specials we are currently offering.

Emsculpt Packages

We also offer Emsculpt Packages.

These are helpful, especially when addressing multiple areas of the body.

Emsculpt is a very affordable treatment, especially when compared to invasive surgical procedures.

Our certified and experienced Emsculpt practitioners will work with you to customize an appropriate treatment plan. We can also discuss available financing options if needed.

We will assess the areas to be treated and the number of treatments needed to achieve your goals.

We will then be able to give you an exact price for your Emsculpt treatments, including any limited time Emsculpt Packages we are currently offering. Package pricing for maintenance is also available.

Read more about Emsculpt on our Emsculpt Page

Schedule a Emsculpt Complimentary Consultation

We are a premier Denver Emsculpt Certified Practice.

We offer affordable and cost effective Emsculpt treatments with an upfront pricing policy.

Schedule an Emsculpt treatment by contacting our office at 303.801.0041 or Book Online today:

Book an Emsculpt Complimentary Consultation Book an Emsculpt Treatment

Easy Financing Available

Injector 5280 also offers patients the option of financing Emsculpt treatments.

This gives you the ability to finance all or part of your Emsculpt treatment.

Financing allows you to begin treatment immediately, so you can get started feeling and looking your best.

Qualifying candidates are able to pay for their treatment over time. We have 12 or 18 month financing options to choose from.

During your complimentary consultation, please ask our certified Emsculpt practitioners about financing options.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, simply call us at (303) 801-0041
or book online.

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