Why Choose Us for CoolSculpting?

Why Trust Your Body to Us?

  • You can trust us because we have decades of experience working in the plastic surgery and medical imaging fields
  • You can trust us because each treatment is performed by either April or Kellie, the partners of our CoolSculpting medical practice. We are highly skilled CoolSculpting practitioners. Your treatment will not be passed off to an employee to perform. We truly care about your experience and importantly, know how to achieve your most desirable result
  • You can trust us because we have extensive understanding of unique body issues as it impacts your personal CoolSculpting treatment plan and in turn, your results
  • You can trust us because we have extensive experience in preparing and delivering CoolSculpting treatment plans
  • You can trust us because we understand the importance of pre and post-treatment patient care, and patient follow up

What you can Expect at our Practice

Choose the right CoolSculpting Practice

It is critical you choose a medical facility that understands not only the science of CoolSculpting, but the importance of CoolSculpting best practices.

Your results are dependent on your personalized treatment plan, the applicator chosen, the aesthetic eye and importantly, the skill of your practitioner. You can be assured you will receive your optimal treatment plan and execution of that plan. You will also be in an environment where we truly care about your comfort and your results.

As we know, CoolSculpting is a medical procedure. The results you receive are impressive and it’s our job to ensure you are happy with your results. We’re not changing the world with CoolSculpting – but if you’re a littler happier with the body you live in… we consider that a job well done!

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We are a Premier Denver CoolSculpting Certified Practice, offering affordable and cost effective treatments with an upfront pricing policy.

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