Video Testimonials from Our Patients

Watch patient testimonials of our own patients and why they chose us for CoolSculpting.


Lyn chose Injector 5280 for CoolSculpting to flatten her abdomen and got the result she wanted. Listen to Lyn’s CoolSculpting experience.


Tammy chose CoolSculpting at Injector 5280 over surgery to remove stubborn stomach fat. After her procedure with us Tammy returned to work & activities the next day. Tammy now wears shirts she was afraid to wear before!


Debbie was concerned about the signs of ageing on her neck and chin. After CoolSculpting at Injector 5280, Debbie now feels her jawline and neck are more defined -we think she looks amazing!


Pamela’s wedding was quickly approaching and chose Injector 5280 for CoolSculpting. Pamela looked amazing on her special day in her open-back wedding dress!


Mike was initially apprehensive about CoolSculpting and asked us a lot of great questions during his consultation. Mike chose CoolSculpting at Injector 5280 for his stomach and love handles, and he returned to work straight away.

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