Getting Botox for the First Time

Getting Botox for the First Time

Botox® has become a household name and even a verb..

But is Botox right for you? Here’s what to ask yourself before your treatment.

1. Are you Ready? How much does your furrowed brow really bother you? Have you looked in the mirror and decided those etched lines need to disappear? If you’re reading this, then you might be ready.
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The first step is to get the information you need to make an educated decision. Talk to friends and do some research.

2. Do you have the Right Expectations? Having the right expectations and knowing what to expect is important. Botox is a temporary treatment and won’t last forever. In 3-4 months it will wear off.
If you’re looking for a non-surgical treatment and have realistic expectations, then Botox might be right for you.
3. Will Anyone Know? If you’ve never had Botox before, you may worry about looking dramatically different, or think people will know you just had a treatment.
The good news is that when Botox takes effect, it does so gradually.

You won’t look different overnight and a good Botox Injector will still be able to retain your unique facial expressions.

If your goal is to create a natural appearance, without looking ‘done’, in the hands of a good Botox Injector this is absolutely possible.

Some tips on how to hide your Botox treatment:

– Go for a natural look
– Start with just 1 area
– Plan for bruising
– Don’t do it over your lunch break
– Combine your treatment with time off work

If your Botox is done well, friends aren’t likely to know. They may even comment that you look more refreshed and relaxed.
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4. Have you done your Research? One of the most important things you can do upfront is spend some time finding a good Botox Injector. This can make all the difference to your results and your experience.
Get a recommendation from a friend, or select a provider from Allergan’s official Botox website. Do your research on the medical practice and the Injector.
5. Does the Injector understand your Aesthetic Goals? Be clear with the Injector about the look you want and which areas you want treated. The majority of Botox patients want a natural look, but tell the Injector what your definition of a good look is.


An advanced Botox Injector will be able to customize the look you want.

A lot of patients bring pictures to their Botox consultation. This can help the Botox Injector visualize the look you’re seeking. You can bring pictures of people in magazines, celebrities, or even pictures of yourself when you were younger.

6. Are you prepared for the Cost of Botox? Let’s face it, sometimes it can be scary going up to the front desk and getting a bill.

Ask the Injector to give you the total cost of the treatment beforehand.

This will help you determine if you want to proceed. A good Injector will be able to give you an accurate price before they inject you.

Don’t comprise SAFETY with SAVING MONEY. The best Botox Injector isn’t necessarily the most expensive, but one things for sure, they won’t be the cheapest. If a price for Botox is ‘too good to be true’, then it probably is. BEWARE of any deep discounts, deals or promotions.

7. What about Post-Care? Understanding and following post-care can maximize your chances of a great result.

Most importantly:

– Refrain from exercising after Botox for at least 4 hours
– Avoid lying down completely flat for 4 hours after the treatment
– Do not rub or massage the treated areas
– If you have a minor bruise after Botox, this will subside in a few days and can easily be covered up with makeup – this goes for men too!

8. Are you a Patient Person? The first 2 weeks after getting Botox can be a journey, so be patient.
what to expect after botox
Here’s what to expect after your Botox treatment:
Days 1-3 – Over the first few days you may see no changes at all.
Days 4-7 – As the Botox begins to take effect, you will start to see some changes. The onset of Botox can be quicker in some facial muscles that others, therefore it’s not unusual to see some very slight unevenness in the beginning. You have to be patient during this time while the Botox takes full effect.
Days 8-11 – You will have a pretty good idea how it will turn out. You should notice a smoothing effect to the skin and facial lines and wrinkles will be reduced or eliminated. The result should be a refreshed and more youthful appearance.
Days 12 – 14 – You will see full results.
If after days 12-14 your Botox is still uneven, you may need a touch up. Call your provider to see what can be done. In many cases the Injector can inject a few additional units to resolve any unevenness.
A good Injector likes to get feedback, both good and bad. They won’t be offended if you need a touch up. If the Injector wants your continued business, they will want the chance to get it right.

The Final Result!

You’ve had your treatment done and you can see the full results.

Hopefully you love your Botox.

If you didn’t like the treatment, know that your Botox will wear off in a few months.

Just like finding a hairstylist, it may take time to find the right Botox Injector.

If you loved your Botox then that is great.. Perhaps you’ll do a second area next time, or just maintain your results.

Building a relationship with your Injector is important. They will get to you know your facial anatomy, musculature and continue to improve on the look you like.


We hope this has been useful..

We sincerely wish you well in your quest for GREAT Botox!


*Individual results may vary.